living through death

"The only way that you can accept life is if you can accept death.” –Leo Buscaglia

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It Is Finished!

Moving: A Reflection in the Form of a Note to My Kids


Only Idolators Can Compare Gods: On Wheaton College and Dr. Hawkins

What was that About?: God and Morality

Thomas Merton: The Basic Sin of Christianity

A Brief Update: An Interruption Due to Productivity

Sebastian Moore: Christ & Salvation

Some New Additions to the Blog

Sebastian Moore: The Emergence of Self-Awareness & Original Sin

Interlude in the Form of a Dream: The Domestication of Terror

Sebastian Moore: The Structure of Desire

A Hug from God (and Leo Buscaglia)

Sebastian Moore and the Paradox of Salvation in Human Desire: Introduction

Last Night: Within Reach of a Solar Storm

Jean Vanier: What does it mean to be fully human?

Beyond “Rational” False Alternatives: “Who do you say that I am?”

Paul Tillich, Correlation & Paradox: Salvation in Human Reason

Doubt and the Rational Dimension of Religion: Stages of Response

“I Don’t Wanna Pray”

Paul Tillich and Stages of Rational Reflection

Paul Tillich: Doubt, Reason & Salvation

Paul Tillich, Correlation & Paradox: Salvation in Human Reason (Introduction)

Are You Saved? Ernest Becker, Robert Kegan, and Salvation

The Dawn Wall and the Spirituality of ‘Wasting Time’

Praying for Foul Weather

Published: Prayer Does Not Work


One Foot on the Gas and the Other on the Brake: Kegan, Laskow Lahey and the Immunity to Change

The Structure of Growth: Robert Kegan’s Five Stages of Consciousness

Gods with Anuses: The Vital Lie of Character

Losing Your Religion: Ernest Becker & the Questionable Idea of the Maturity of Secularity

The Weakness of Heroism: Exposing Our Quest for Self-Esteem

The Problem of Death for Human Maturity: Ernest Becker

The Dissertation Has Begun: Here’s a Look Inside

Borges and God: The Unrecognized Orthodoxy of Refusing to Speak of God

“Where were you?”

Radiolab, “In the Dust of this Planet,” and Glenn Beck: Nihilism to Love

Adventure Become Prayer: Hiking Iceland’s Fimmvörðuháls Trail

Summer’s Disappearing Act

Bird with Variety

Reflections on Thomas Merton’s New Seeds of Contemplation: Chapter 3, “Seeds of Contemplation”

In Process: “Paul Tillich, Salvation, and Big, Unnecessary, Crazy, Travel Adventure”

Reflections on “Reclaiming the Gospel of Peace”

The Correlation of Skepticism and Dogmatism

Paul Tillich: Why Love Is a Constant Spinning

Jaques Derrida’s Religon & Thomas Merton’s Atheism: Love is a Constant Spinning

A Gift. A Deep Ache

“Prayer Doesn’t Work” A Work in Progress

Breaking God Talk

…in a lifetime’s death in love…

The Adventure You Are Called to

A Few Words on the Creation Debate

Silence and the New


Merton’s Annihilation of Self in God

Ultramarathon Running as Spiritual Practice

A Cold Morning

A Brief Reflection on My First National Conference

When the Question Is the Answer

Knowing as Love

The God Graveyard: A Theologian’s Approval

“Look Where I’m Pointing”

Sneak Peek: Death, Doubt, and Salvation

What the Church Needs: Letter to My Episcopal Church

To Love Is to Die


Welcome, Anger. Welcome, Fear.

“The Really Poor” & The Man Who Quit Money

Driving Ourselves Mad

An Unexpected Visit

God Is Not A Concept In Your Model

Elsewhere on the inter-webs: On Being Absolutely Right

Reflections on Thomas Merton’s New Seeds of Contemplation: Chapter 2, “What Contemplation Is Not”

Reflections on Thomas Merton’s New Seeds of Contemplation: Chapter 1, “What is Contemplation?”

Prayer and “The Quartet of The Vulnerable”

Prayer And A Principle of Addiction

God and Taking Nothing for Granted… (well, maybe just one thing)

The Meaning of Salvation


Reason and Revelation with Help From Paul Tillich

No one comes to the Father but through Me…

A short Reflection on the Meaning of Freedom

Faith and Final Truth


“If I didn’t believe the resurrection, I’d be at a strip club right now.”


Do necessary non-trivial ethical facts require an explanation?

Speaking of God

Scene From a Checkout Line

Finding Yourself

Does Love Need Law?

Tillich’s Reason in Existence

On Ultimate Reality and Historical Factuality

Introduction to Paul Tillich’s Systematic Theology

Evangelicalism and Anxiety


Augustine via Tillich on Truth and Ultimacy

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April 28, 2015 at 6:54 pm

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